Welcome to Karl's Kids Program Informational Website

Karl's Kids Program, Inc. is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Public Charity working with young children, teens, young adults and people with disabilities on many topics ranging from safety issues to hobbies to enjoy with their family, friends and members of their communities. The Program often makes use of a person's love of animals especially dogs to educate and to entertain.

In the very beginning of KsKs our main focus was on the children and their safety but as some of those early children grew up we wanted to continue working with them and those people important in their lives.

We then went out into their Community to work on other projects and activities which would impact those children and the people who were a part of their daily life.

One such project was to encourage the education of individuals on the care and training of the family pet. We also worked with other groups to foster and make available for adoption suitable animals for a family pet. We believed that by helping pets, even those not going into a family with children, we were still staying with our original goal of protecting a child's safety by assisting owners of any pet being introduced into a community.

Some of our children had disabilities or a family member or someone close to them had a disability. Along with companion pets, we then expanded into a project dealing with Assistance Dogs.

On the local home base area, Karl's Kids is an educational partner with the Putnam County, FL Office of Emergency Management ESF #17. Emergency Support Function #17 deals with safety of the county animals from mitigating to planning to preparing to response to recovery. By helping keep the family pets and livestock safe we help protect the families who own them and the communities in which these animals are located.

The Program makes use of various means to accomplish the goals of our projects and activities. We have web sites and forums, prepare training materials, talk to groups of children and adults, set up information booths, and disburse handouts. Our volunteers are active in many groups and are encouraged to participate in other charitable organizational activities and help on a local scale in their community.

Karl's Kids Program does not get involved in controversial situations and never promotes any one religious or political party view. We encourage a pride of country and of the family unit.