Our Vision


Our Vision is to educate children, their families, and the communities in which they live on safety issues in an entertaining and age appropriate manner. We will accomplish this task through our various websites and forums, by giving workshops and holding scheduled classes within the community, and by assisting other organizations by forming community partnerships.

We will assist children, their families, and their communities, before, during, and after emergency situations to the best of our ability and in keeping within the guidance of our Corporation Articles, By-Laws, and Policies. We will continue to encourage our staff and volunteers to educate themselves through coursework and hands-on experience so they may be better prepared to work in their own communities if the need would arise.

We will continue to promote a safe and humane bond between children and their pets and other animals they have contact with. This will be accomplished by continuing our animal activities for children. Our staff and volunteers will have more than a basic knowledge in the area in which they participate. We will continue to draw from individuals who have a knowledge and experience through coursework or in the field training. These individuals will be encouraged to continue their involvement in their communities and outreach programs in the different project and activity areas.

We will advocate for working dogs in the community through workshops, talks, websites, community activities, and participating in the training and testing of approved candidates.