Humane Animal Education & Services (HAES)

Information and news about the animals in Putnam and Alachua Counties (FL).
Companion Pets, Working Animals, Equines, Livestock, and Wildlife

Division Chair: Kristina "Kristi" Adams
Executive Director: Theresa A. Jennings
Division Vice Chair: Victoria Warfel
Advisory Committee:
Karen Hall (Lead)
Larry Eames
Tandra Eames

General Information

*Promotes the humane treatment of all animals through education.
*Promotes rescuing and adopting pets from shelters by highlighting available animals from local shelters.
*Promotes the buying of companion animals from reputable and humane breeders only.
*Promotes the safety of area animals from family emergencies to county disasters.
*Promotes the humane training of all family companions.
*Promotes education and the humane care of equines, livestock, and wildlife.
*HAES also assists various area animal welfare organization in their fundraising activities and fulfilling of their organizational missions.

Animal Services 2000 (AS2000) is a community service website of HAES.
(c) Humane Animal Education & Services, Inc.
AS2000 works with local shelters and rescues, animal organizations, animal owners and lovers in Putnam and Alachua Counties (Florida) and surrounding areas.

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