Karl's Kids Activities

Our Projects are broken down into Activities to encourage interests of individuals in their family and community participation.

Activities under Karl's Humane Education for Children and Adults Project

Feed A Pet Activity
(c) Karl's Kids Program, Inc.
Activity Coordinator: Kristina Adams
A disbursement activity of dog and cat food in the Putnam County, Florida area.

Kids N Pets Humane Education Activity
(c) Karl's Kids Program, Inc.
Activity Coordinator: Theresa A. Jennings
An educational activity where children learn to care for, play with, and train their pets.
Children also learn how to stay safe around their own and other pets in the community.

Activities under Karl's Gardening & Farming Project

Gardening with the Family Activity
A gardening activity for condo living to large yards

Purpose: To encourage vegetable, fruit and herb gardening for all ages and various abilities.

Winged Garden Visitors Activity
(c) Karl's Kids Program, Inc.
Activity Coordinator:
Bring the Butterflies, Hummingbirds, Bees, Bats, Lady Bugs and Dragonflies to your location.
Purpose: To encourage planting a flower garden large or small, a collection of window boxes, or hanging pots to attract and help feed these little visitors. To encourage the adding of safe water features for these winged visitors.

Homestead Happenings Activity

Purpose: To encourage cooking and baking, canning and making jelly, sewing crafts, flower arranging, laying hens, and recycling items to organize your "homestead".

Activities under Karl's Toy Box Project

Chimo's Cuddles
(c) Karl's Kids Program, Inc.

Once a child is out of danger...
Once a child has emergency medical attention...
Once a child has life substaining drink and food...
A child needs cuddle time and lots of it.

Rayne's Reading Room Activity
(c) Karl's Kids Program, Inc.

This activity under Karl's Toy Box Project encourages the growth of a child's imagination through both written and spoken words.

Activity to promote a love of reading and exploring some of the benefits derived from reading.

Many children love books and more would if an adult in their life would take the opportunity to begin reading to them as small babies. Throughout history people have loved to hear stories and to let their imaginations take over.

Community Activities with Local Organizations

Education Activities for:
Emergency Support Function for County Animals (ESF #17)
~~ Putnam County Pet-Friendly Evacuation Shelters